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Thursday, January 15, 2009 12:32am
In the tilt of my chin,
The arch of my neck,
And slight parting of my ruby red lips,
Leaves a question in the wind.
Is she real?
Been pinched before,
So won't open that door!
I smile once again,
Pausing in the twilight,
And wondering who is knocking at my entrance...
Who is knocking so gently,
Seemingly more afraid than me.
Must be the wind of winter,
So back to the dancing in the dark.
Hips figure-eighting,
Arms high in the air,
Silohuette sashaying while limned by the twilight.
Harder knocking at the door,
My hazel eyes flashing fire and ice,
And I pondering "Who is knocking at this hour?"
Dancing in a frenzy,
And then...
The door is slammed open!
Man has a candle,
And beckons with a finger.
I smile and swirl and twirl away,
But Man is stronger and swifter,
And dances to his prey.
-Hazelbunny (RR)

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Friday, December 28, 2007 8:29:am
In high gear and rolling,
Down the highway of life.
Passion stings me, baby,
Like a honey-dipped knife.

I love to feel the rhythm,
It is MY way to live.
To give all and everything you need.
To get what you have to give.

In a parallel universe
A split infinity
Is where I live
Where I want you to be.

Genius? or Insanity?
It is a common mistake.
But, to believe in ourselves
Is a choice only we can make.

Copyright 2007 by Heather G. Swanson

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Dawna Bennett
Sunday, December 23, 2007 12:28am
Thank you Chuck , I write from heart as most people do , for without heart there is no poetry ..

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Thursday, December 20, 2007 4:50:am
That was a very well written poem Dawna. It showed heartbreak, dispair and hopefullness all in one poem. Good Job!!!

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Dawna Bennett
Friday, December 07, 2007 1:16:am
" The Wall Around My Heart "

I have a wall you can not see
Because it's deep inside of me.
It blocks my heart on every side.
And helps emotions there to hide.

You can't reach in,
You can't reach out.
You wonder what it's all about.

The wall I build you cannot see
Results form insecurity.
Each time my tender heart was hurt
The scars within grew worse and worse.
So stone by stone
I built a wall
that's now so thick it will not fall.

Please understand that it's not you,
Continue trying to break through.
I want so much to show myself,
And love from you will really help.
So bit by bit
Chip at my wall,
Til stone by stone it starts to fall.

I know the process will be slow,
It's never easy to let go
Of hurts and failures long ingrained
Upon one's heart from years of pain.
I'm so affraid
To let you in
I know I might get hurt again.

I try so hard to break the wall,
But seem to get nowhere at all.
For stone upon each stone I've stacked,
And left between them not a crack.
The only way
to make it fall
Are imperfections in the wall.

I did the best I could build
A perfect wall, but there are still
A few small flaws, which are the key
To breaking through the wall, to me.
Please use each flaw
To cause a crack,
To knock a stone off the stack.

For just as stone by stone was laid
With every hurt, with every pain;
So stone by stone the wall will break,
As love replaces every ache.
Please be the one
Who cares enough
To find the flaws, no matter what.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007 9:12:am
I thought i'd share some of my poetry in this space. Your welcome to take a look around and feel free to make yourself feel at home

Tortured Heart

You quickly fall asleep
unaware that my heart
is aching and my tears'
have dampened the sheets

As dusk breaks to dawn
i still lie awake from
my deep sorrow with thoughts
of the pain that will come tomorrow

This pain is relentless
consuming my every thought
my every breath, my will to go
on, am i destined for a
life of emptiness

Locked in this dark
prison of solitude
the countless hours
hold me captive
my heart chained for
my sins of broken promises

Replenish my thirst
fill my empty cup of bliss
even for a moment though
fleeting with a sprinkle or
a sip of tenderness

As the tide when darkness falls
drifts out at night and
returns at daybreak
so will our love return
cleansed and fresh
with a new start in its wake

I live through you and i also
die through you, you're
the only one that
can revive me from my death

Breathe life into my bosom
and let me arise like Lazarus
To experience the rebirth
of our love again


No words needed to be spoken

Her smile was full of brightness
she was a breath of fresh air
her hair golden as the sun
her skin soft and fair

We rode the train together
almost everyday, Some days
when no one was there
she'll sit right next to me

The scent of her perfume
was almost too captivating to bear
i just wanted to put my arms around
her and hug her, but I wouldn't dare

She always greeted me with a smile
and i would nod my head
she never spoke a word
she just made eye contact instead

One day as we were sitting together
our arms touching, you could feel
the passion connecting through
our skin, I got the nerve say to her " I've
been searching for you for a lifetime,
Where have you've been.?"

I wasn't prepared for her reaction
she just stared straight ahead
she never uttered a word
I slumped in my seat and said
"I'm sorry, I must have lost my head"

She got off the train and looked at
me through the window, her eyes big and bright
she smiled shyly and it looked like she mouthed the
words " I love you, goodnight."

I thought it very odd that she never spoke to me,
then I rode the train the next day, She never got
on at her stop, I opened the newspaper and her
picture was on the front page and it shed the light.
It's caption read " Deaf girl killed by bus last Night."


The Bike

I saw you in the garage today
weathered and rusted
but the memories came
back like yesterday
before you were busted

I remember that Christmas
with fondness
all so well
the day you came
wrapped in a bow
and i rode you to hell

Whenever i was bored
and all alone
I'd hop on your seat
and ride through the
mountains and valleys
my spirits rising
why did i have
to go home

I remember the time
i was sitting
in the park
johnny fink stole
you and
your handlebars
gave way and
johnny went flying
bloodied and in disarray

When i caught up to
johnny he was picking
up his teeth
thanks you were
my best buddy
i swear you could think


A Day In A Lifetime

I look out at the palm trees
outside the window of my hotel room
a tropical breeze sways them
looks like a storm is headed soon

I think back to yesterday
when you were with me
we went scuba diving
off the coast of Maui

It was a magical experience
tropical fish and sea life swimming
all around us as we made love
under a corral reef
the others on the boat unaware
of what was going on beneath

Who knew when we first met
when we were sunbathing on deck
that we would fall in love the
minute i put lotion on your neck

You had to go suddenly last night
you got called to a meeting in
New York, you cried and told
me you would call as soon as you
were done work

The phone rang five minutes ago
it was you on the line full of fright
you were in the Twin towers when
they were burning, you said tearfully
" Good bye my love I'll miss you
the rest of my life"

The Gunslinger

They say he was the
fastest gun in the west
big and mean with a colt 45
a hundred men faced him
none are still alive

Today he was coming
for me,his gun hired
to put me down in defeat
by a ruthless land baron
who wanted me dead for
keeping peace in the streets

I've been the marshal of this
town of Abilene,Texas
for tens years and a day
i cleaned it up, chased out the land
baron's henchman who got in the way

When i was a little boy, i lost
my mother and father they
were killed when i was ten
my twin brother and i put
up for adoption, my brother
never to be heard from again

I was raised by the town blacksmith
who taught me the trade
many a gun and horseshoes
i melted from iron and made

When i was sixteen i picked
up my first gun
i won my first battle with
a horse thief at the age of 21

Since then I've killed 40 men
with a gun fast as lightning
and eyes like a hawk
my accuracy frightening

At dawn the gunslinger
rode into town
riding on a black horse
a mask on his face
his eyes on the ground

Riding beside him were the land
baron and his henchman
to make sure their deed
was carried out
this was going to be a
tough task, no doubt

Staring out the windows
the townspeople were awake
afraid to come out, but
still wanting to see my fate

I loaded my guns and put
on my lucky hat
headed out of the jail
not knowing if I'd ever come back

The gunslinger was waiting for
me at the town square
the land baron and his men
waiting on the rooftops there

The gunslinger walked into
the middle of the street
his hands by his sides
his eyes at his feet

He looked up at me
with his mask still on
his eyes suddenly widened
he took off his mask
and said in a whisper keep
your eyes on those hiding

We both drew our guns
and fired at will
when the smoke had cleared
the land baron and his men
had been killed

The gunslinger and I the
only ones left standing in the street
i recognized him as soon as he took
off his mask, he said "Blood is thicker then
water my brother I'm glad finally again we meet"

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